Mar 3, 2012

L.I.F.E #2

< Live in Fabulous Eternity >
this what everyone wish to
Chit Chatting with Kevin for around 1 hours.. he made me feel that
day by day,
nothing change
but yet , when you look back
everything different without your realizing :(

friendship is the most obvious thing that we can refer
we talk less
we play less
even meet less
after and after

when we are young , we fight but still friend after a moment
just shake hand and apologize to each other
when we getting older , we fight then we loss a friend
just because of Pride.. no one willing to admit a fault
Pride is such a devalue stuff, so why would we care about it and loss a friend
Cherish the friend that you having now... ... is not easy to have a true friend after school time

This is our baby boy named Bobby , he had been accompany us for around 7 years
*tears drop* I miss him but now he staying we a happy family that their son love bobby so muxh , that's why my daddy gift him to them ..
sorry, that we got no time to accompany you since we get in to university life

what My day ~
Take off my eyes lashes .. Feel weird >o< no more big eyes , no more make up look ~~ aiks...

Jie jie bought this today ~~~
GF3, nice camera for girl .. *tsk tsk tsk
but it's cost RM2**** O.0
Sister is really Bleeding .... lol!

A whole day , I has been cheated to accompany her to the places that she wanna go ... @.@
and Finally, I got this for myself... hehehe
is ONLY RM10/pc~~ Yea!
damn cheap!!
thanks chloe C. acknowledged me that leisure mall pm have such cheap n good thing...

~ The Ending Post ~

the moment that we just started

you still in BOLD~~ xD

Chelsy keep envying about us..
please dont feel that , this couple was made by you ~
Lucky to have you , Chelsy.. be my BFF ^ ^
PLease stay strong when you alone , and find me anytime when you need me ..

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